Hello I am Susan Labrum owner, designer and illustrator for Gilly Flower Studio.

I am a pattern designer with 30 years of experience in graphic design and trend research. I can help you to create patterns and illustrations that are right on point to ensure that your clients will fall in love with your products at first sight.

I do want to share with you who I am and my creative journey. The first clue my parents had that I would be an artist was when they recieved my Kindergarten report card and it said that I was a good student but I drew too much in class. I couldn’t help myself I loved to draw, color and paint. I found lots of other ways to be creative as well. I used to make my own doll beds and houses using cereal boxes and old clothes that I would make into curtains and bedding.

In Jr High my Aunt paid for her and I to take an oil painting class together. Wow I was in heaven I looked forward to each of those classes it was the highlight of my week. Then in High School I was able to take the advanced art class for Seniors as a Sophomore and I won a prestigious award at the year end art show. It was a collage scholarship but they had to give it to a Senior so it was retracted. I instead got the Art Student of the year award. 

I married my high school sweet heart and we had three little energetic boys, life was crazy busy but being creative was a part of who I am so I tried every crafty thing under the sun. I also did freelance art work and started my own sign business as I raised my boys. I wanted to go back to school to get formal training so I decided to take collage courses in illustration. I was close to graduating when one of our guest speakers was so discouraging about a career in illustration that I decided to pursue graphic design as well. I knew that I wanted a full-time career that I could poor myself into once my boys were raised. I found that I loved working on the computer it was another artistic tool for me.

I have loved my career the good the bad and the ugly for it has taught me so much. I was privileged to have worked with big name clients like Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, The NHL and The NBA to name a few. My newest venture is bringing all of that experience into my pattern designs and illustrations that are available for licensing and or purchase. I have had over 30 years of experience in doing what I love to do.

I am living a creative journey!