What's in a name?

The Gillyflower was a Victorian favorite and was incorporated into various languages of flowers used by young lovers. White blooms signified pure love and good luck; red meant deep love; striped stood for unrequited love, and pink represented either admiration or a woman's love.

In the Middle Ages, the petals were used as a substitute for cloves, which were more expensive and had to be imported, and the petals were steeped in rosewater that was used as a medieval hair perfume. The Clove Pink Gillyflower.

In the Renaissance, white wine infused with the petals was drunk as a nerve tonic that strengthened the heart and mind.

The Gillyflower is also know as a Carnation which is my birth month flower. I think it is a beautiful flower that has a rich history. This is the story that inspired the name Gilly Flower Studio.